The Hospice Newsletter, The Connector,  is published three times each year to provide information about the Hospice, what's happening and important activities that may be of interest to the community and our supporters. 

We welcome your comments about the newsletter.  If you have feedback or suggestions on how we can make it better, please contact Fran McBride at 416-626-0116 ext. 234.

The top stories in the June 2014 issue of The Connector are:
*   Life as 20 Questions
*   Harold E. Ballard Foundation Races to Support Hospice
*   Thanks for Supporting Hike for Hospice
*   A Green Thumb Extraordinaire

Here is the link to the June newsletter.

Previous issues of the Hospice newsletters:

 Year IssueTop Story 
 2014 March Mackie's Soothing Touch
 2013 September Linen Lady Shares a Special Moment
 2013 June Making Lasting Memories
2013 March Tea for Two
2012September Together in Life and Death 
2012June Talking about Death's Mysteries
2012FebruaryGrief Times Two
2011September To Give is to Receive
2011MayBad Hair Day
2011FebruaryExpect the Unexpected
2010SeptemberTaking it One Day at a Time


JuneHospice Achieves New Milestone
2010March Reflections on a Memorable Year
 2009November Setting New Milestones
 2009 May The Heart of Hospice

For past issues of Seasons, click here.


Previous Issues

 Year IssueTop Story 
 1999 Fall The Loving Hand at Work
 2000 Winter The Loving Hand at Work
  Spring  The Loving Hand at Work
 2001 Winter The Loving Hand at Work
  Spring Let's Tee it Up on August 13th
  Fall Start a Holiday Tradition for Your Organization
 2002 Winter Within Our Reach
  Spring We're On Our Way
  Fall Seasons Greetings
 2003 Winter Hike for Hospice
  Spring Taste of the Kingsway
  Fall The Dorothy Ley Derby
 2004 Winter  Second Annual Hike for Hospice
  Summer A Year in Review
  Fall Within Our Reach; Campaign Appeal
 2005 Winter Just Be Here
  Spring Lindsay's Story
  Fall Major Funding Gives Palliative Care a Boost
 2006 Spring The Power of Laughter
  Summer Warehouse was the Perfect Setting...
 2007 Winter  Lives Lived
  Spring Paul, We Will Miss You
  Fall $5 million Goal Reached
 2008 Winter  We're All Getting Along: But it's a Full-time Job 
  Spring Memories Bloom on Dad Hill
  Fall Tuesdays Bring New Beginnings

 Passion and Perserverance


 Vision Accomplished

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