Company and Corporate Support

There is no doubt that corporate donations enrich community life. The many individuals and families will attest to the value of the support they received, free of charge, thanks to the generosity of individuals, associations, charitable foundations and businesses.

Corporations support charities like The Dorothy Ley Hospice in a variety of ways. Some businesses make donations directly to us. In other cases, they have a matching gift program (see below) or may hold fundraising events (car wash, golf tournament, bake sale etc.). If you or your company are interested in holding a fundraising event for the Hospice, please check our our Guidelines for Fundraising.

Matching Gifts
Many organizations have a matching gift program where they will match your charitable donation or make a donation to a charity based on the number of hours you volunteer at that charity. Please check with your company to see what kind of matching gift program it offers

Marketing for a Cause is a concept that has been around for decades. It is a great way for businesses and charities to work together to their mutual benefit. Companies often donate a percentage of the sale price to a particular charity. These kinds of partnerships have sent athletes to the Olympics, fed the hungry and supported research.

In recent years, The Dorothy Ley Hospice has partnered with several local businesses and community organizations on fundraising events. By working together, we all benefit especially the community.

Employee volunteer programs offer a win-win with many benefits to companies, employees and the community. Imagine Canada, Canada's national program to promote public and corporate giving, volunteering and support for the community, probably tells the volunteer story best.

You can also check out Imagine Canada's Giving and Volunteering web site:


For more information about giving to The Dorothy Ley Hospice, please contact a member of our Fund Development team at (416) 626-0116, send an e-mail or donate online.