Why we fundraise

Most of us - including our friends and the members of our family - will ultimately face a life-limiting illness or loss. Your support makes it possible for us to offer our services at no cost to the individual. Individuals and families have enough pressure and challenges to deal with at end of life that they shouldn't have to worry about how they will pay for the services they need.

This is why every dollar we receive from individuals, foundations, corporations, organizations, churches and special events is appreciated and valued.

The Hospice raises funds for two reasons: 

  • Funding for our community programs and services, residential care and administrative costs is provided through our Annual Campaign.  Overall funding for the Hospice comes from two sources: Two-thirds from the government and one-third from the community.  In the coming year, we need to raise just over $1 million from the community.
  • Funding to cover repairs to the building, new equipment and replacement furnishings is provided through our Capital Campaign. In addition, the funds raised through this campaign will go towards paying down our $2 million loan taken out to complete the construction and furnishing of the Palliative Care Centre.

Why Your Support is Vital
With more and more people embracing the benefits of end-of-life care, we are under increasing pressure to expand our programs.  As the demand for our programs grows, so does the need to expand our fundraising initiatives. For example:

Our Day Program
costs $100,000 per year to operate two days a week. The program offers 20 or more clients the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, enjoy companionship and share experiences with others living with a life-limiting illness. Family caregivers often use this time to rest and relax or to run errands, knowing that their loved ones are being cared for by professionals and trained volunteers.

Our In-Home Care Program
which provides case management by registered palliative care nurses and support in the home by trained volunteers, has an average cost of about $1,700 per client.

Our Spiritual Care and Bereavement Care Program
offering multi-faith spiritual support and bereavement counseling, costs approximately $120,000 a year. In addition, we offer specialized bereavement training for volunteers which costs $1,500.

Our Professional and Community Education Program
raises awareness and provides hospice palliative care education to volunteers and staff, community professionals and the general public. For example, training health care professionals in pain and symptom management costs $7,000 per year.

Our Volunteer Program
screens, trains and supports volunteers who provide in-home, administration and fundraising support. All volunteers are required to complete a 30-hour orientation and training program, which costs more than $10,000 every year to administer. In addition, we offer a special program that trains volunteers to work with children who are dying and children whose parents or brothers or sisters are dying, which costs about $8,000 per year.