How to Access Our Programs

Anyone can refer to or request support from The Dorothy Ley Hospice.

Individuals may be referred by a physician or may request services directly on their own by contacting the Hospice.  When you call the Hospice, you will be directed to one of our Care Coordinators. They are responsible for assessing your needs. Our Care Coordinators, who are experienced palliative care professionals, assess and monitor the needs of every individual and oversee the work of our volunteers. We also offer an array of support programs and services that includes a variety of therapy options included Integrative Wellness, a Day Program, Spiritual Care and Bereavement Care.

The Care Coordinator will ask you for the name, address and phone number of the person needing care. You will also be asked for details about the individual's general medical condition, diagnosis and prognosis.  

We will only contact the individual with their consent. If consent is given, the Care Coordinator will contact them within two working days to discuss their situation.  

The Care Coordinator may suggest specific Hospice services capable of providing immediate help. The Care Coordinator will also arrange a date and time to visit the individual in his/her home to gain personal knowledge of his/her needs and wishes.  If we are unable to help you directly, we will help you get in touch with the most appropriate service provider.

If you wish to refer someone to the Hospice, please contact us by e-mail or call 416-626-0116416-626-0116 ext 225 during regular office hours between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.  Enquiries about the Residential Program may also be made after office hours by calling 416-626-0116416-626-0116 ext. 299.

There is no cost to the individual for our services.

To view a copy of our Community Referral form, please click here.

To view a copy of our Residential Referral form, please click here.

Additional Care Providers
The Hospice works with many organizations and individuals in the community to provide comprehensive, quality hospice palliative care. Therefore, depending upon your needs and wishes, we may coordinate or refer additional service providers, including doctors, nursing and home care agencies, pharmacies and others.