Volunteer Testimonials

Nurturing another human being through the greatest of life's journeys is a heart-warming and moving experience. That's why hospice volunteers keep working with hospice year after year. Some of our volunteers have been with us since our founding. The Dorothy Ley Hospice volunteers gain great satisfaction from doing rewarding work and improving lives, every day.

"Volunteering has brought me a whole new sense of inner peace, self-confidence, and self-esteem," says client support volunteer Debra. "From one three-hour visit, I have a deeper sense of my blessings and the meaning of humility."

Ann, another volunteer, agrees. "What I receive back is far more than I could ever give," she says. "Their courage, appreciation and insight makes them a pleasure to be with."

Some volunteers come to us out of a strong sense of gratitude and responsibility toward their community. "I volunteer to return the love I have been given," says Gordon.

Mary Ann came to us when her father was dying and then stayed to become a volunteer. "The Dorothy Ley Hospice helped my father have comfort and dignity in his last days," she says. "I want to help others the same way."

"I volunteer because I love holding hands and sharing quiet moments," says Helena of her work as support volunteer.

"It is a treasure to hear a person say 'I'm glad you came into my life,' " Ann says. "And the feeling is mutual."

Our coordinator of volunteer services will be pleased to discuss volunteering with you and help you find the volunteer opportunity that suits your needs and availability best. Call us at (416) 626-0116 or by e-mail.